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Well, I am married, I have a beautiful daughter that i thought i would never have,but 1 day i looked up & there she was...LOL..I work full time...like i said in a complicated situation right now in my relationship,however nevertheless always looking for friends to talk to & confide in..Right now i need that more than anything...
HighSchool: Van Horn High School
College: North Carolina State University
JuniorHighSchool: Clifford Nowlin Middle School
Music: Gospel,Jazz,Classical,R&B,Love 80's hits..etc..etc
TV: King of Queens..."Doug is my boy",What not to wear..LOL..dont ask..Clean house..Love Niecy Nash..The cosby's,Martin,Good Times,stuff like that..I love to laugh
Sports: Football,baseball,ice skating,gymnastics,etc..etc
Interests: Well being the girly girl that i am,of course i love shopping,decorating,talking,laughing,going places like the park for a walk,going to the movies,hanging out with "the girls"..yada yada yada...LOL
Movies: Any of Tyler Perry's movies,all comedies,love & romantic movies...Like just about anything except not to into action & science fiction movies..
BestFeatures: Well i think i have pretty eyes...a nice smile,hmmmm well when & if you meet me,i guess you should tell me what you like...
Dreams: Well so far my dream is to one day take a cruise to an exotic place,where i can just walk on a sandy beach and enjoy the beauty that God has created before me..

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