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im gay im 36 im single just ask i have nothing to wanting to find a good honest boyfriend who will not cheat on me with another guy.someone who is not physically,mentally,and sexually aggressively.another words dont use me for anything..i want someone to love me for me and not judge me at wanting a ROOMMATE/FRIEND/BOYFRIEND TO MOVE IN WITH ME SO I CAN PAMPER HIM BUT WHo IS WILLING TO ALSO HAVE A JOB BUT IF NOT IF HE CAN GET A JOB..SO WE CAN TAKE CARE OF ONE ANOTHER....ANYWAY JUST ASK ME WHATEVER U WANNA KNOW ..OK GUYS.OH 1 MORE THING PLZ DONT LIE OR STEAL FROM ME UNLESS U SWEEP ME OFF MY FEET AND STEAL MY HEART...look ill be friends only with females but im only into men 18 to 42 maybe 46 depending if u take are of your body and for u men that r bi well i wont share u with a girl ok..thats just my way of wanting a man all to myself..and for u men that r straight plz dont look at my profile unless u r interested in meting/getting to know me
HighSchool: Elizabethtown High School
JuniorHighSchool: Talton K Stone Junior High School
ElementarySchool: Morningside Elementary School
Music: pop,r&b,classic rock,
TV: criminal minds.all csi's without a trace,big brother,american other tv shows
Books: all books especially mystery novels or based on true stories
Sports: soccer,baseball,basketball,ice skating
Interests: clubs,going to the movies,romantic walks in the park or down by a riveer or lakes,hanging with friends or whoever might be the man of my dreams..etc etc..
Movies: hairspray,harry potter,true blood,all kinds of movies
Dreams: getting married the whoever wil be my man and going to key west for our honeymoon

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